You Make the Call

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About Armchair Referees of America

Welcome to Armchair Referees of America!

Started in 1982, we are now celebrating a 30 year revival of Armchair Referees of America, with strong community element to empower you armchair referees to vent and debate!  Make your own call!  Post the bad, good, and hilarious calls and fouls you catch to our website.  Include a youtube video for the live action.  Comment, rate, and debate the calls posted.  And head over to the shop to gear up with the official Armchair Referees of America products for game day and everyday.  Party supplies, banners, and apparel are all available showing your official Armchair Referee of America status and authority!

We look forward to a bright future for Armchair Referees of America, with much more engaging content and videos, great products, lively discussions, and rewarding programs.  Venting your frustrations and comedic relief go hand in hand, and we will continue to provide both as we develop and grow.  We encourage and highly value your suggestions, beneficial partnerships, and continued support!

And now a letter from our founder:

Armchair Referees of America hold in highest respect the men and women whom make up the legions of referees, umpires, and judges in the world of competition in all its forms, especially pro sports.  We fans sometimes ridicule, harass, and complain.  However, without your resolute dedication to honest neutrality, the kicking, punching, high-sticking, bench emptying brawls would quickly turn to bloody chaos in this competitive world in which we live.

Armchair Referees of America and fans around the world thank you for your steadfast dedication.

P.S.  There is a little referee in all of us.  Rules are woven into the fabric of a civil society.  Sometimes, like it or not, we have to step up and make the right call, do the right thing.