You Make the Call

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Armchair Referees of America
Celebrating Our 30th Year Revival!

Are you or someone you know a dedicated “armchair referee”? If so, we invite you to celebrate your unbridled enthusiasm for your teams. Join us as we cheer on each play-by-play and referee call-by-call. Whether we agree or disagree, all Armchair Referees of America unite as we root all our teams on to victory!

Show your support as an “official” armchair referee with our Armchair Referees of America merchandise. Here are a few items we will have available for purchase soon – just in time for this holiday season!




Bumper Stickers

What a perfect holiday, birthday or just because gift for yourself or those sports fans (or fanatics!!) in your life.

Armchair Referees of America supports and respects all the hardworking men and women who make up the referees, umpires and judges in the world of competitive sports. We salute these individuals who must step up and make the right call every single day! Thank you!